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Between Summer's Longing and Winter's End: (The Story of a Crime 1)

by Leif G W Persson

Published by Black Swan

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EAN: 9780552774680
Published: 2 Feb 2012

About the book


Stockholm. The dead of winter. The temperature is already well below freezing.

A young American dies, falling from a tall building. It appears to be a casual, self-inflicted death. It should be an open-and-shut case. But when Superintendent Lars Martin Johansson begins to delve beneath the layers of corruption, incompetence and violence that threaten to strangle the Stockholm police department, he uncovers a complex web of treachery, politics and espionage.

Johansson quickly realizes that there is nothing routine about this suicide as it soon takes him from domestic drama to the rotten heart of Sweden's government.

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About Leif G W Persson

Leif GW Persson is the Grand Master of Scandinavian crime fiction. Over three decades, he has taken a scalpel to the political and social mores of Swedish society in his dark and complex crime novels. His work melds the social realism of a Balzac or a Dickens with the hard-boiled street smarts of James Ellroy.

Persson is Scandinavia's most renowned criminologist and a leading psychological profiler. He has also served as an advisor to the Swedish Ministry of Justice. Since 1991, he has been Professor at the National Swedish Police Board and is regularly consulted by media as the country's foremost expert on crime. He is the author of nine novels. This is the first one to be translated into English.

Leif G W Persson

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