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The Book Thief

Costa Novel Award

The Book Thief Costa Novel Award

Film adaptations of our most beloved novels always spark lively debate.  More>


We are delighted to announce that Kate Atkinson has won the 2013 Costa Novel Award for Life After Life... More>



This Year in Books

A Faraway Smell of Lemon

This year in books

As 2013 draws to a close, we thought we'd take a look back at some of our biggest books this year. More>

Publishing Director Susanna Wadeson talks about A Faraway Smell of Lemon, a short story by Rachel Joyce.  More>


November Reading



nov suggestions

Fill the gap in your reading list as we pick out the most popular reads of the moment and recommend other similar books you may enjoy. More>

To celebrate Halloween here at Transworld, Publicity and Marketing are going head to head to pick the scariest book of all time. More>

To celebrate the autumn season, we've picked a couple of our favourite recipes from Pieminister to share with you. More>

Captain Phillips

Downton Abbey


Captain Phillips
Downton Abbey

Emma Buckley from our editorial department reviews Captain Phillips, the film adaptation of his extraordinary memoir. More>

Last Sunday, Britain took to its sofas with relish to watch the brand new series of Julian Fellowes’ tragi-comic period drama, Downton Abbey. More>

La Bodega Negra may be adorned with neon XXX signs but don't be fooled. Read a review of London's sauciest Mexican restaurant. More>

Books Are My Bag

Behind the Scenes: Publicity

Location, Location, Location


Books Are My Bag is the biggest EVER campaign for bookshops and it launches this Saturday 14th September with  the Big Bookshop Party! More>

More behind the scenes action as the lovely September Withers talks us through the day in the life of a book publicist... More>

Have you got a favourite film or book setting? Lucy Dauman from our marketing department talks us through some of hers. More>

Rob Lowe



Rob Lowe

When it was announced that we would be publishing Rob Lowe’s memoir back in 2010, wistful sighs could be heard throughout the office... More>

Never judge a boy by his face... We take a look at what it is about R.J Palacio's extraordinary debut Wonder that makes it so special.  More>

Last weekend crime fans and authors flocked to Harrogate for the UK’s leading crime writing event and it didn’t disappoint... More>





Inspired by the arrival of the Vikings TV series to Lovefilm this summer, we interview our very own Viking writer, Giles Kristian.  More>

Editorial Director Michelle Signore shares her thoughts on the Wimbledon Championships, plus a bespoke reading list for Andy Murray.  More>

Lucy from Marketing takes a look at what it is about Glastonbury Festival that makes it stand out from the rest. More>

Pride and Prejudice

Survival, Redemption & Forbidden Love

Father's Day


Happy 200th birthday to Pride and Prejudice! We reflect on the anniversary celebrations and the book we’re most excited about this summer... More>

Nigel Farndale shares with us the inspiration behind his new book The Road Between Us - a haunting tale of forbidden love. More>

What better way to celebrate Father's Day than with Rowland White's The Big Book of Flight, packed full of fun actitivies. More>

Behind The Scenes

The Curious Incident

Military Missions

The Curious Incident
Military Missions

Bella Whittington from our Editorial department gives us a peek behind the scenes of copy-editing.  More>

Lucy Dauman from Marketing reviews the theatre production of Mark Haddon's bleakly funny novel. More>

To celebrate 20 years since Bravo Two Zero, we look at our  best books about high-risk military missions. More>



Nordic Noir

Nordic  Noir

To celebrate the publication of  Dan Brown's Inferno, we take a look at the best of our conspiracy thrillers. More>

Our Sports Editorial Director Giles Elliott shares his thoughts on the rise in popularity of cycling books. More>

We explore what is about Scandi-crime, or “Nordic Noir” that has captivated the nation to such a degree. More>

Women's Prize for Fiction

Pulitzer Prize Winners

Film Freaks

Women's prize for fiction Pulitzer Prize Winners Film Freak

Jane Lawson talks to us the Women’s Prize for Fiction, and why having a prize for female writers makes sense. More>

Editorial Director Jane Lawson shares her thoughts on Pulitzer Prize winner, The Orphan Master’s Son. More>

Film boff Christopher Fowler compiles a list of films that he thinks deserve a spot in the limelight. More>

An Easter Feast

The Violinist's Thumb

St Patrick's Day

Easter  The Violinist's Thumb  St Patrick's Day

Get some cracking ideas for Easter recipes, as well as a special feature from A Good Egg author Genevieve Taylor. More>

Science whizz Sam Kean picks his top five facts from his book, The Violinists Thumb, out now in paperback. More>

To celebrate St Patrick’s Day, Transworld Ireland talked to us about which books they’re excited about this year. More>

Kate Atkinson

Mother's Day

St. David's Day

Life After Life motthers-day st. david's day

We give you a taste of what to expect in Life After Life, the wonderful new novel by Kate Atkinson. More>

Looking for the perfect gift for Mother's Day? We recommend some of these gorgeous hardbacks. More>

 To celebrate St. David’s Day and with St. Paddy's round the corner, we look at books that make us feel patriotic. More>

The Tudors


The Oscars

His Dark Lady Lincoln The Oscars

Victoria Lamb talks about why she picked the Tudor era as the inspiration for her books. More>

To celebrate the success of Lincoln at the Oscars, we look at which of our books explore the history of the USA. More>

 Inspired by this year’s Best Picture nominations, we’ve picked our top Oscars 2013-inspired books. More>


Valentine's Day

Parenting Books

Hypnotic Gastric Band Valentine's Day riverawakens

 Given up something for Lent? We take a look at our top dieting books to help stave off those cravings. More>

Impress your Valentine with your cooking expertise by trying out one of these scrumptious recipes. More>

 Celebrate new ways of parenting with French Children Don't Throw Food and other books. More>

New Year


If you resolve to do anything this year, make sure it's to read at least one of these novels. More>


Jack Reacher

Christmas Shopping

Musical Icons

one shot Christmas Shopping

With his cinema debut about to hit the big sceen, we're in the mood for all things Reacher. More> 

  We recommend some of our favourite books to put on your Christmas wishlist.

Our top 5 books about some of the most legendary musical icons in recent history.

Writing History

Undercover Agents

Back to School


Find out what's going on at the Thames Valley History Festival this weekend.

What do James Bond, Jack Reacher and Jackson Brodie all have in common?

Our top 10 books about school scandals & young love for the new term.

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